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Independent Artist Wyclef Jean, drops gems how he profits 100k a performance

Listen as Wyclef recounts dark times an independent artist, to selling more than 50k albums and profit 100k a performance.

Wyclef Jean, once an independent artist, now a music mogul and living legend, drops gems on how to build a brand and a successful music career. Trust him, he’s sold more than 50K albums. Plus Wyclef has worked with heavy hitters like Shakira, Whitney Houston, and Carlos Santana.

Wyclef Jean
Make it Count Podcast ambassadors Robert Jones, Tiffany Lusan

For the first time ever, Make it Count Podcast features one of the music industry greats, he gives advice for an independent artist and much more. Wyclef Jean, who from the beginning of his career decided to put an emphasis on music production and creating music for others offers need-to-know business hacks and artist development tips.

Wyclef’s passion for his new album, Carnival III, led him to reminisce on studios sessions with Quincy Jones, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston and Carlos Santana.

“The music game is like running a marathon,” said Wyclef Jean.  (Gem for independent artist)

And Wyclef is still running! Aside from his 2017 album, the musician is completely in tune with the new generation of music- collaborating with DJ Khalid on the Maria Maria remake, Kodak Black, Young Thug and more.

Independent artist

pay attention Wyclef is giving you the blueprint on how to have longevity in the music industry

Independent artist it’s a must you check out Wyclef Carnival III,  

 The Tracklist 

WyclefJean Make it Count podcast

  1.    “Slums”
    2. “Turn Me Good”
    3. “Borrowed Time”
    4. “Fela Kuti”
    5. “Warrior”
    6. “Shotta Boys”
    7. “Double Dutch”
    8. “What Happened to Love”
    9. “Carry On”
    10. “Concrete Rose”
    11. “Trapicabana”
  2. 12. “Thank God for the Culture”

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