What Can Be Done With One Hour?

By: Tiffany Olivia Lusan


What Can Be Done With One Hour?

An entrepreneur’s life is non- stop. There is always something to be done, someone to talk to or a problem to solve. AYC Leaders, believes the hustle is the most exciting part of #EntrepreneurLife. But in the mist of the excitement and ciaos an entrepreneur must remain calm and efficient.

If you constantly worrying about not having enough time or the length of your to-do- list— you have the wrong mind- set. Instead, think about how much you can get done in a shortest amount of time. Map your day by the hour!

What can I accomplish in an hour:

• Write out your social media plan for the week. Planning ahead is a great way to be efficient and stay on task. In a separate document map out your talking points for the work and determine how they can be incorporated on social media using eye- catching graphics and purposeful captions.
• Make a few calls. Check in with your clients, vendors and/or sponsors. Your business has key players that keep the engine running. Call them regularly and keep a constant flow of communication.
• Check out a competitor. It’s important to know the competition. Analyze their business model from a distance. Determine what is and isn’t working for them. Researching your competitors keeps you current on the landscape of your industry.

What will you do with the hours of your day? Let us know what helps you stay on schedule with your small business commitments.