MUCE 305 & SOFLO Web Fest Presents: Kenbe Fem Screening

By: Tiffany Olivia Lusan


As June closes and we say good-bye to Miami Film Month, AYC Leaders would like to recap a special event in celebration of independent films.


AYC proudly attended MUCE305 and Kay Tita’s screening of the touching documentary Kenbe Fem— creole for ‘stand firm’. The film features Miami native and missionary David Pierre- Louis. AYC would like to spotlight David, a mission driven, Haitian- American entrepreneur for his endless dedication to the Haitian commmunity and entrepreneurs alike.


In Kenbe Fem, the camera follows David on a son’s journey to find his mother after the devastating earthquake in Haiti. Immersed in the ruins, he is challenged to fill the gaps lacking fulfillment by the Haitian government & various NGOs.


Fast forward seven years— David is still on mission, encouraging a self-sufficient Haiti! Through his non- profit organization Kay Tita, David and his small but dedicated team are bringing more opportunities to leaders, change makers and entrepreneurs in the country. Kay Tita is connecting the community of Port-au- Prince to valuable resources that are not easily accessible to entreprenuers, such as partenerhsips and opportunities to raise capital and investiments.


Although the non- profit has already accomplished a great deal for the capable country including, raising over 30K and sponsoring Port-au- Prince entrepreneurs at Seattle’s start-up Week— Kay Tita’s fight continues.


The orgainzations immediate fundraising goal is to raise $1.5 Million to build a community resource center in Port-au- Prince, where David’s family home stood before the 2010 tragic earthquake. David and his team hope to break ground on the building September of 2017.


AYC Leaders is extremely inspired by David’s fearless actions and dedication to creating a thriving entreprenual culture in Haiti. To donate to the cause and get involved visit .